Sencys has the paint products that every DIY’er needs. For example, Sencys has white wall and ceiling paints, metal paints and a wide range of wood protection products with a good quality. Sencys, a practical solution for every paint job!

Standard white emulsions

product image Standard white emulsions
  • high/very high covering power
  • washable
  • easy to apply
  • for indoor use

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Special emulsions

product image Special emulsions
  • white paint specifically for: Kitchen & Bathroom, Ceiling, Exterior wall paint, Mystery white, Stain cover, Anti-crack paint
  • very high covering power and washable
  • easy to apply and easy to spread
  • drips less

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Structure paint & plasters

  • decorative structure
  • wear-resistant
  • easy to apply

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Wall primers

product image Wall primers
  • improves adherence
  • reduces absorbency
  • strengthens porous and chalky substrates
  • dries fast
  • for an attractive finish

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Metal & Radiator

product image Metal & Radiator

Metal paint

  • apply directly on rust
  • 3 in 1: anti-rust, primer and finish coating
  • indoors & outdoors

Radiator paint

  • heat-resistant
  • fast drying
  • 2 in 1: primer and finish coating

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Wood protection

product image Wood protection

Garden Wood Stain, Wood Stain, Long-life Wood Stain, Varnish, Yacht Varnish, Parquet Varnish

  • transparent and covering
  • water repellent
  • guarantee for UV protection

Parquet oil & teak oil

  • nourishes and protects wood
  • water repellent

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Concrete & Floor paint

product image Concrete & Floor paint

Concrete paint

  • extremely durable & dries fast
  • 2 in 1: primer and finish coating

Floor & garage coating

  • highly resistant to tire marks- resistant to petrol and oil

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Primer lacquers

Universal primer and Super Covering primer

  • improves the end result
  • for all kinds of substrates
  • for indoors & outdoors

Primers for Metal & Radiator and Minium

  • creates a very good adherence layer
  • can be applied directly on rust and prevents rust
  • for indoors & outdoors

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Mix Colour

  • highly coloured
  • easy to mix

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  • high-quality product
  • easy to apply

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